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I need to Spot Weld Piano Wire .032 Dia. to the bottom end of a brass Ball Point Pen Tip,1/8"back from the smallend. The Hole in the end of the Pen Tip is 3/32" Steel Pen Tip could be Substituted for Brass.

I need to to see if the Concept of the idea will work, the Idea Needs the Tensile strength of the wire to function, while being Held in Place.

Need an opinion if the Setup can be Spot Welded.

Thanks for your Thoughts.


-- Roger Laghezza (, February 22, 2004


i dont know if this will work for you but i think that it will not work becouse the tip of a pen is not very strong and it wold just melt a way and there would not be now pont in doing and i am 15 i am in cwctc it is a then for school were you go and get sordafied for difront jobs and i am going for welding so i dont thing that it would work

-- shane gumpher (, March 04, 2004.

Shane Gumbler, Thanks for your thoughts & suggestions for Spot Welding Piano Wire to a Brass Pen tip.It was an impossible procedure to Spot Weld to Pen Tip because there wasn't any room to weld it.I had to use Steel, opened flat, Spot Weld the piano wire & then Close up the Tip.The piano wire had to be Annealed & Retempered to piano Wire Specs' or close to it. I had to make an Expensive , so-called Cheap Spot Welder, which I had to redesign in order for it to Function. The "Hobby Spot Welder Kit" is a Deceptive approach to attempt to Buy a Kit That Does Not Have All The Parts to Make the Spot Welder.You are given the Internet to Shop for the Rest of the parts, you might receive, that are not Good. What a nightmare of a Kit. And the Manual is a Confusing direction for, so-called Guidance, to assemble the so-called Kit. Buyer Beware.

-- Roger laghezza (, March 26, 2004.

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