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The plans in John Gardner's book on Classic Small Craft are for a 17 ft boat. I'm wondering about modifying to 19 ft allowing three rowing stations. Ideas?

-- Burt Knapp (, February 21, 2004


I have rowed the 17' boat (light boat, weighed about 90 lbs) as a double (did the Blackburn Challenge in it one year) and it was a little overpowered. One rower can maintain hull speed with this boat. This is a very good design, it doesn't take much to move it. I suspect that adding 2' and a third station would make it even more overpowered. 19' with two rowers would be better. Most of the successful 3 person boats seem to be 21-22'.

Jon Abor

-- Jon Aborn (, May 23, 2004.

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