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Any Mv owners going to Daytona's Bike Week? I'v been going the last few years and while I'v seen some Mv's pass by, I'v not had the chance to meet up with any beside's Piston Pete. Hey Pete, Are you going this year? Maybe I'll seen you in the track infeild! Thanks

-- Kevin (, February 21, 2004


Hey Kevin,

How have you been? I am planning on going over this year and will look for you in the infield. It shouldn't be too hard to spot you.

I am not taking the MV over this year though because I get sick of just riding in traffic. This year a friend and myself are bringing over 2 blue Yamaha Zumas to get around. Take care and have a great ride.

-- Pete (, February 27, 2004.

You must have been the other MV I saw at bike week this year... I was in Daytona on 2/28 and 2/29. Unfortunatly, I am not able to go down for the remainder of bike week, although, it would have been kind of cool to ride two MV's down Main St. at the same time...

Maybe next year, 2005....

I am looking to change out the stock exhaust system for something with a better tone... Do you have any suggestions? I was looking at some Carbon Fiber pipes from Ferracci

Do you know of any other companies that offer exhaust systems for the MV?

Also, Do you know of any other MV owners. I kinda like that fact knowing I have the only MV in Jacksonville, FL. You know this as well, but, owning the finest piece of Italian machinery turns a lot of heads.

Talk to ya, Sam

-- Sam Dunlap (, March 02, 2004.

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