Teaching a beginner

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My seven year old little sister has recently started taking piano lessons. She does not know what to do when she practices by herself even though her teacher writes down exactly what she needs to practice. When my mom or myself try to help her she will not listen to what either of us say. She is being very stubborn and just plays dumb. She has a hard time counting also. How do we motivate her into enjoying the piano and make her have better teaching habits?

Thanks! Nichelle Bailey

-- Nichelle Bailey (nlb6086@mwsc.edu), February 19, 2004


You might talk with the teacher about what is happening. Perhaps if the teacher makes practicing with you or Mom part of the assignment, she will let down her guard. My guess is that she is so afraid of looking dumb, she's afraid to let anyone find out she doesn't really understand.

-- Arlene Steffen (asteffen@fresno.edu), February 20, 2004.

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