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Has any one out there, have had problems with ELEX lifts. We have been agents for elex in the past and have had problem with there controllers made by microtelco. Please reply with full list of problems.

-- Tadhg Buckley (tadhg@bbselevators.com), February 19, 2004


Just take the controller out and install a toaster and it should work better. Soory for you sins

-- Dave Otis Mid East (dave@otismec.com), February 19, 2004.

Met Antico Once. Not Impressed. Your Better Off dealing with a better control panel. Machencially they are a great deal but the controller is just crap. Ie crap. They are a just disaster. There managment is poor dogs. Salvatore is a pig. Just run as fast as your legs can go.We had a problem with a gearles machine. We solved it by replacing the lift by order of the court. since then the company has not looked forward as they closed down. They will do the same to your company

Regards Andy.

-- andy marsh (andy@vodafone.co.uk), February 19, 2004.


had loads of problems here too.had to replace 2 gearless units as well.nothing but trouble.mail me if u want details

-- davey (d4vidd@yahoo.com), April 23, 2004.

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