why don't you druggy losers get a life?

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This question I see on THIS page! I am extremely new to this forum..found it because I want to start promoting, but as I was searching around I find this ignorant, narrow minded prick spewing from the mouth insults to a culture that is renowned for their peace and acceptance of others. This infuriates me. Listen, I've been court martialed for drugs and almost spent 48 years in prison for it, what a story too! You wouldn't believe what I've been through with drugs, but you can read the book when I finish. I am going to let the world know what the man does for a damned good Marine when he gets caught doing drugs. They lie on you, and even when caught lying under oath, nothing is done to them. They attack your honor. You cannot be so naive to think that just because a person does drugs or helps their friends get drugs means that they are a bad person. It is not the people doing E, shrooms, acid, and my personal favorite, only cause I took part in giving it it's new street name, PBS (AMT) that are the problem. We are a peaceful people (the vast majority), most of us very well educated, and we are just searching for more answers to everything. Maybe I've got this wrong, as I sort of formed my own scene in Okinawa, but I had a pretty strong following, and I may have crashed and burned, but I put up a damn good fight over there and plan to bring what I love over here to the states. Don't run off at the mouth bashing us for what we do people, sweep around your own door before you tell me to clean up mine. It's human nature to be hypocritical, so I forgive you, but be aware that we only think you are ignorant. I know what I'm doing to my body, probably moreso than you do....just let me be man. Go find another place to try and make a difference, or better yet, find something to rant about that really will make a difference. Feed some poor people or something. Later people....PLUR

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2004


Sorry, I was pressed for time, so I sort of got off point there, but the reason I bring up the court martial is because this kid says she is gonna track my ip and get me in trouble..well, do that sweetie, I've taken on much bigger and badder than you. I took on some of the most powerful men in the military and you know what...I FUCKING WON! So you wanna start slinging threats...bring it on. I'm a network engineer, and I seriously doubt that if you even tracked my ip from this site, which would be an accomplishment in itself, then you would still not be able to install a monitoring device on my local machine without me knowing it. Besides that, with the information you get, you cannot get anyone on here in trouble...perhaps you should better familiarize yourself with the law before you start slinging idle threats to a group of people whose main concern is having a peaceful fun time at the expense of only harming themselves. For those of you who don't know where this is coming from look back down the list of questions and you will see the one I'm talking about. Everyone of you out there deserves to have fun and damn the man for trying to end it by using you all as pawns in his political game. Anyone down with starting an organization to fight this, get in touch with me...I'm tasting true freedom in four months here and in serious need of some good people to assoiciate with. Email me.

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2004

Cheers bruvva, well said!!! Thanks heaps. Come over to Australia mate and I'll show ya some real PLUR: fuck the arseholes that get bent out of shape because I (or you, or anyone) decides to do something other than the normal beer drinking bullshit. Thats why I leave here champ, less judgment from autocratic pricks who I could almost guarantee would shit a brick and move to Ibiza (or Toronto if you don't know Ibiza) if they ever experienced half of what I have experienced at any one of the parties I have been to since I started ravin in 1994. Love and respect is all the world needs, especially right now. Pity some world leaders can't see that. Pity its the "Druggy Losers" who see it and are the ones who have the compassion and respect for people of all walks of life. Pity that same feeling doesn't spread through the community after the doors are opened at the end of a good rave like an infectious disease. Keep hope in mankind Ronnie, we might get there one day, in the meantime, good luck in everything you do in life mate, love your work. TOP ONE, NICE ONE, GET SORTED!!! (I'm sure you yanks don't have a clue what that means, ahh well, its all good :-) Peace bruvva.

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2004

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