Looking for used single scull.

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I am looking for a USED Mid-weight, open water, single scull for my own recreational use. Although I have never rowed a single before, I used to row an eight competitively throughout highschool, so I'm looking for something that will challenge my abilities. I am located in Ontario, Canada.

Any leads would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Lucie

-- Lucie (luciet@hotmail.com), February 19, 2004


Lucie, I am in Melbourne Florida for the winter rowing an Alden Martin 21' on Banana River (fantastic venue for rowing). It is a good recreational single shell with a removable oarmaster unit. It is relativly fast yet handles waves well. Adaronack Rowing sells used shells. http://www.adirondackrowing.com/ I have an Alden Horison 17' on Chautauqua Lake in Western NY. It is an inexpensive stable novice plastic boat. Good luck, Lee

-- Lee Stein (lsteinljstein@yahoo.com), March 09, 2004.

You might want to consider a Merry Wherry from Wayland Marine, in Bellingham, WA. Ron Mueller has designed a very light, strong, wood/epoxy boat that rows beautifully with a sliding seat RowWing installed. The boat is 15' long, weighs 35 lbs plus the 20lb RowWing, and has a capacity of 300 lbs. The boats are available as kits from Wayland, and if you are interested in one as a completed boat, I am building them to order. My company is TaliesinWorks! Canada Ltd., and would be happy to discuss the Merry Wherrys with you. I am in North Vancouver, BC, and can deliver a beautiful new boat to you for a reasonable cost. Go to the the Wayland Marine website to see the boats: www.merrywherry.com, then email me with your impressions. Malcolm Chaddock malcolm@taliesinworks.com

-- Malcolm Chaddock (malcolm@taliesinworks.com), April 09, 2004.

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