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just got my new red 2004 brutale s delivered today. the weather is crap here in the bay area but i managed to "go around the block" for about 10 miles. the neutral light was on the whole time. obviously someone missed something during the "pre-delivery inspection" that i paid for at the dealer. other than that, i am in lust with my new bike and i just got in from the garage shining my new bike. this break-in schedule is killin' me!!!

any advice, comments would be appreciated.


-- ray woo (, February 18, 2004


Take a look at this site about break in.

-- Rick Grayston (, February 18, 2004.

R U sure it's the neutral light? The light indicator is right next to neutral indicator and they are both green. You should actually have two lights showing on the dash if bike is in neutral.

-- JB (, February 18, 2004.


I was at Munroe on Monday as I'm visiting the area (well, San Jose) for work. Was that red Brutale yours then?

As above, the headlight indicator stays on all the time. If it isn't that the dealer should have a look!


-- James (, February 18, 2004.

That headlight always on thing sucks.

Here in the UK we used to have the option to turn it off, but various regulations have meant we now have the same set up as you guys stateside! The biggest bummer is that to get any kin dof insurance here we pretty much HAVE to install an alarm/immobiliser, which drains the batter, and turning the headlight off can make all the difference.

Oh well, only 12 days to my Brutale,


-- Phil (, February 18, 2004.

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