White circles/fogging

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Help! I have a wooden shed set up as a darkroom. There is no insulation, but it is dry and completely light tight. It has elect, running water, and air condition. When I first set it up during late spring / early summer, I was able to make great prints with no problems. My problem: Now when I attempt to make prints, there is a 'rolling fog' in everything. It kind of looks like ghostly clouds or intestines. I have changed the all chemicals 2 times, I have replaced the paper 3 times. I have tested the room for light tight, I have tested the safe light to see if it was the probem, I have moved the safe light to every possible location with out any results. The circles/fog looks light a rolling cloud, is on every print. Went to local photo equip store, they are not able to tell me what is causing this. I have had them look at the enlarger and the negatives and they say every thing is fine. The enlarger is a Beseler Printmaker 35, black and white. To make things worse, my friend was in the darkroom with me the other day, and she got the lense wet (Beslar f=50mm 1:3.5) Now it looks like jello inside the lense, (really it looks like the mirror looks when you get out of a hot shower. I do not know what to do now. Is it possible to open the lense to clean/dry it out, I have tried to dry with hot air (blow dryer), cold air, and just letting it sit for a few days with no result. Can you advise me, Please.

-- Robin Richardson (Rissar3711@aol.com), February 16, 2004


im not a photographer, i was just looking around because my aunt does some high qaulity digital and traditional.

However it sounds like maybe there is osmething wrong with your camera or the film your using. I know my friends mother puts all her paper and film in a refgrigerator.

-- beeker (beeker@beeker2000.com), June 03, 2004.

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