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I am considering completing the full circle, and going back to rowing, which i did as a child in small rental skiffs on Long Island. The Loudon by George Rossiter; looks like it would be very suitable for my needs; 1 or 2 person rowing, light fishing, clamming. Was wondering if anyone had experience with this boat. I would keep this boat on the beach on the great south bay of long island New York. We usually have an afternoon southwest wind with a 1 1/2 foot chop. Would appreciate any feedback.

-- Lawrence Opisso (, February 16, 2004


I think Nate Stone used a Loudon for his trip. (described in his book "On the Water : Discovering America in a Row Boat" For more information.

Also before buying I would also be inclined to look at a 14ft Whitehall,

or a small dory, or the the Skua

All good boats with slightly different tradeoffs than the Loudon. You might try contacting the TSCA and see if there are any "mess-abouts" near you where you could talk with some other boat owners.

Put yer backs into it and row like the wind!, -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (, February 16, 2004.

My wife and I have enjoyed rowing the 14' Piscataqua Wherry made by Bay of Maine Boats, PO Box 631 Kennebunkport, ME 04046, Phone 207- 967-4282 (Mike Severence). It is fiberglass, rows very fast and nicely with two, and well with one. She tracks well, but turns slowly, and is very stable in rough water. She does not have flat bottom, as a dory would, and is not as fine a boat for pulling up on the beach as a dory would be. Good Luck, Burt

-- Burt Knapp (, March 03, 2004.

For all you window shoppers, would be this link:

And I've been working on a web site of my dory: (gig Harbor boats: ) Which might also be a good boat for you.


-- Gary Powell (, March 03, 2004.

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