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My new 2003 F4 has a small coolant leak. A few drops hit the floor after each ride but probably more leaks during the ride evidenced by stains on the inside of the fairing. It is coming down the inside of the left fairing below the water pump. Coolant level is right in the middle of high and low marks. Previous post reported bad water pumps on earlier models. Has anyone else had this problem on the newer models?

-- Greg (, February 16, 2004


Hello Greg, I found that itís normal to see a little coolant from the over flow hose when the bike is running hot (190+) and ridden slow or stopped. As long as the coolant level is within the marks you should be ok. My 2000 model F4 had a water pump replaced at around 2,000 miles because it was leaking from the weep hole located between the pump housing and the engine case. I also found that the overflow hose from the expansion tank stops short, ending near the pump housing, spreading overflow coolant all over the body work and engine. I added an eight inch section of hose to help direct excess coolant to the bottom of the belly pan. This helps to direct the overflow and allows me to properly monitor the pump for any real signs of a coolant leak. I now have over 8,000 miles with no leaks to report.

-- Tim W (, February 16, 2004.

mine is actually below the min level but does not overheat (yet anyway)spoke to a guy who used to have one and his was the same when the expansion tank was filled to the 'correct' level it spewed water he just left and never had a problem - could it be because it IS too small and can't deal with the heat expansion of water ?

-- geordie (, February 16, 2004.

One way to stop the water spewing out if the bike is hot when you stop is to hit the kill switch, but leave the fans running for a minute or two before fully turning it off. That way you can run at the correct level, but not lose any. This seems to vary from bike to bike, mine gets hot, but never oveflows, but a mates Senna stays cool, but will overflow everytime unless he keeps it turned on for a few minutes.


-- Phil (, February 16, 2004.

Thanks guys, Good Diagnostics. I traced the stains a bit farther up and it appears the overflow line is in fact the culprit. Im less concerned now. Will get a 8" hose extension and not refill as long as it stays above the minimum level. I live in Dallas so will be interested to see what happens when it starts getting to 100 degrees here.

-- Greg (, February 16, 2004.

Hi Greg,

I got my bike last April and have ridden just about every week I've been in town, including all summer. We also live in Dallas. Use the fan cool-down method as above and the coolant will settle right around the min mark in my experience. We had several trips to Big Bend but one summer trip in particular saw shade temps at +115F and the bike was fine with this method with long hard riding.

I usually turn the fans off once the water temp drops below 195F.

We'll have to get together for some rides! I'll be back in town for a bit this weekend. The weather looks good. I'll email you privately.


-- James (, February 17, 2004.

Oddly enough, I just dropped my 02 F4 off today for the same problem...its started out small, and i think it was totally empty after the last gush...its supposedly under warrany..i just hope its not a head problem...and yes, i realize that its about two months later, i just found this forum today!

-- Bullwieney (, March 23, 2004.

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