looking for F4

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looking for the mv agusta f4....east coast preffered, unless helpped with shipping

-- dail (dlourenco@verizon.net), February 15, 2004


A complete list of authorized dealers can be found at .

Don't forget to inquire with your local (and/or nearest) authorized dealer before you buy, as they are the ones who will also help with service and spare parts after the sale. It is reasonable to expect that most dealers will want to build a good long term relationships with their local clients. Ideally this begins with the initial purchase of a new or clean (documented) used model from the dealer's inventory.

It is generally the case that authorized dealers will go farther out of their way to assist clients who also purchased the vehicle with them orignally. The sense of loyalty goes both ways.

Why buy a premium vehicle sight unseen and risk shipment damage and headaches to possibly save a few dollars in the short run?

-- brutale (ten_pints_of_guiness@yahoo.com), February 16, 2004.

See www.mvagustausa.com for a list of current authorized MV Agusta dealers.

-- brutale (ten_pints_of_guiness@yahoo.com), February 16, 2004.

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