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Futher to my 2 previous enquiries, Wellcome finance decided to pay me a visit last Monday, 9-02-04, asking me for the month's money and that they will reduce the payments as of March. I told them that hubbys appeal had failed, so therefore, no job, no money, (we are taking hubbys situation futher) she then asked me if the van which was parked at the side of the house belonged to my hubby, so i said no, to which she replied "we have put a skip trace on him" to verify he isn't working, so i offered to get hubbys p45 and show it to her, I told her we have not had a default notice sent to us, and she said was a bit hesitant then said they had sent the letters out in december 2003, and she would send a copy of them out to me. We got some sort of letter on Wednesday, dated on tuesdays date;10-02-04! and all it said on it was "Without Predujice" so if that was supposed to be from december, why was the date different? if it went to the county court, would this be in our favour about these default notices? One minute they are demanding payment, the next they seem to be going for legal action, i do not understand them! if they are so adament about trying to go for repossesion, why haven't they done something about it by now?? instead of phoning up allthe time?

-- Jane (andyandjane2001@yahoo.co.uk), February 15, 2004

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