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I would like to construct an outside elevator/lift with a 20 foot lift with about a 500 lb capacity. It would need to be wheel chair accessable,with two stops. Thank you

-- james maberry (, February 14, 2004


Metaphorically speaking -- "The man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client".

-- John Brannon (, February 29, 2004.

good one......but lawyer should be changed "to any dimwit/moron/socalled graduate.who thinks he can build an elevator by himself"

(oh and before anyone starts I do get the original meaning)

-- dayle (, March 01, 2004.

I think what everyone is trying to say is it can be done but the effort and thought that it would take to build an elevator to be as safe and reliable as you can get from a reputable company would cost you more than it would by just calling the people who have experience.


-- n (, March 01, 2004.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM SAYING THANK YOU VERY MUCH.....anyone that thinks it is easy building their own elevator should be in a mental hospital.....think of the payout if someone had an accident with the elevator....even the smallest company has to have insurance etc...

You gotta be kidding is all I can say

-- dayle (, March 02, 2004.

a water lift is what one of my friends have. when you turn on the tap it goes up or down

-- Ngaio-Rose McDonald (, November 07, 2004.

Genius is the ability to think positively while others ponder the impossible. Mr. Otis, among others would disagree with all of you. While building an elevator is not for the uninformed, a person with the proper mechanical and electrical knowledge coupled with the ability do the required work, can build a safe, reliable elevator. I know of one such instance that was completed in the early 1970's and is still operating today. No one has been hurt or sued to date.

-- david callista (, January 11, 2005.

your story makes me wet. but, wait until mom and pop get hurt, and the jewish son and his lawyers see the engineering put into this thing, especiallly when there are so many " wannabe " expert consultants out there these days. like bill hartsock.

-- wildman (, January 11, 2005.

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