Draft of outline for my new book "LET MY PEOPLE GO."

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This is a draft of the outline for my book, "Let My People Go." Any comments or questions are welcome.

"LET MY PEOPLE GO.....From the Institutional engulfment."


Comparing the slavery of the Israelites in Egypt with the slavery of the minds today in the Institution of religion.


Chapter one What the word "church" has done to God's family today.

Chapter two The way of digression.....the little foxes.

SECTION TWO (The results of the Institution.)

Chapter one The money tree

Chapter two The Board of Directors...usually called the Eldership. Those who run the big business.

Chapter three The Preacher System

Chapter four The Church Building ..from which the big business is carried on

Chapter five The formal "worship" service...with its five acts of worship Performers and observers.

Chapter six "The Lord's Day"

Chapter seven The Lord's supper

SECTION THREE (Parodies on the Institution)

1) Eldership Business Meeting 2) Keeping Up With Things Church Hires a Preacher 3) Keeping Up With Things Church Has a Preacher Change 4) The What's Happening Now Church..Placing Membership 5) The What's Happening Now Church...Grace Only? 6) The Sensory Church Down The Road 7) The Church of The Guarded Pulpit 8) The Church of The Many Titles 9) The Church of Perpetuation 10) The Church of The Keeping Up 11) The Church of The Keeping Up Hires a Youth Minister




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-- Nelta Brock (nib@hal-pc.org), February 13, 2004

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