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Iím getting ready to have a front fender painted to match my Red/Silver 2003 F4... I couldnít find any color codes on the bike, but have heard that the correct codes are

RedPPG954642 SilverPPG954643

The problem is.. my paint guy in California says these codes are not valid.. I called my dealer in NC and he said that MV color codes would not be relevant here in the US..

Can somebody shed some light on this? Are these the correct codes? And if so.. suggestions on where I can buy some paint here in the states? Or does anyone have a matching equivalent with Dupont or some other brand paint?

Thanks in advance...

-- Pirate (, February 13, 2004


The paint codes for each model are listed in your owner's manual, although it remains unclear if all codes can be cross-referenced to formulas commonly used in the USA.

As a possible alternative you may wish to find a professional auto body shop with the ability to color-match a sample with a computer.

I have also come to learn that a number of MV dealers are often linked up with good local painters, you can always try this route as well.

-- brutale (, February 13, 2004.

ferrari silver in 2001 is the same as the silver on the f4,perfect match.PPG

-- hk (, February 13, 2004.

Hk.. Ferrari Silver? OK.. a clue as to what the code is on that? The factory F4 PPG code is useless in the US...

and surprisingly.. not a single person across 4 MV chat sites has posted an equivalent to the factory PPG codes that we can buy here in the US.. Amazing.. Looks like I'm gonna have to take off a body panel and take it to a shop to computer match... what a pisser.

-- Pirate (, February 13, 2004.

I have a red/ silver 2003 F4 also, and the PPG colors you noted are the same ones listed in my manual. Sorry I don't know why we can't get matching paint codes systems here in USA. Are you painting the stock fender or a carbon one? I did see that there are some already painted carbon ones you can order. I am interested how yours comes out because I have considered painting a carbon one I ordered also.

-- Greg (, February 13, 2004.

pirate the PPG code for the silver is 36520 its perfect match.used it more then ones.

-- hk (, February 13, 2004.

Greg.. I'm painting an aftermarket fender that I got cheap off the internet.. Casoli, I believe...It'll be two tone red/silver like some on the market. Will post pics if I can get it done...

HK.. Thanks, bro... now all I need is a RED code...

-- Pirate (, February 13, 2004.

Guys, those are valid paint codes in the US. I just had some made for me. If your local paint shop can't/won't help you out, call up Lowe's paint shop in San Jose, CA and ask for Pat C. Tell him Ben sent ya ;-)

-- ben (, February 14, 2004.

I have emailed 'Pirate' because in the UK I had some red mixed for me which is a perfect match>the paint shop cross refered it to the PPG code. If it helps it is as follows:- it is made by Deltron (Global refinishing system) the label says Deltron b/g Cagiva red (MV AGUSTA) 954642. this may help any one else. The colour match really is perfect. regards Les

-- Les Spragg (, February 14, 2004.

OK... Here's the final word...

Yes...the F4 Color Factory Italian Codes are Red: PPG954642 Silver: PPG954643

However..not all PPG places have these numbers on file...A few do but only under the name Cagiva... but this just in..(thanks to Skipper over at the other MV Chat site.. )

MV Agusta never registered any colors with PPG directly, however Cagiva registered them with NEXA. The two colors are Russo MV and Argentina MV. These names mean nothing really, but they do have color codes that are registered to them.

NEXA was just recently acquired by PPG. The color codes that Cagiva registered are now OWNED by PPG through NEXA that are used to paint the Agustas.

To get a FACTORY color match here in the USA, find a NEXA paint dealer or a PPG paint dealer and ask for the following:



With this info in hand.. I called the local auto paint shop and they immediately looked it up and priced it at $40 a pint/$78 a quart...

-- Pirate (, February 17, 2004.

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