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Three years ago, i heard a cd, with bill laswell & sacred system, it was a compilation with different groups. I forgot the title, what i remember is the name of a couple of bands included. I'm almost sure one band was yat kha (albert kuvezin) and the second is Varttina. There was a beautiful song played by Laswell, a long one, around 9 min. beginning with a voices chorus. Please help me on finding the title of that record and even if it's available. Thanks a lot, my best regards. Beppe Fontana

-- Beppe Fontana (, February 13, 2004


i think that's the wicklow records sampler. the cd from laswell is bill laswell/sacred system : nagual site. should be readily available in most places. full info here :


-- dave (, February 26, 2004.

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