piano nots of my immortal

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Hello does any1 have the notes of the song "My Immortal" by evanesence can u plz E-mail them to me thanks!

-- SHane FUller (shorty85116@aol.com), February 13, 2004


i workd out the notes by ear.. but just go 2 freesheetmusic.net and find it there

-- Gena (fuzzychicken26@hotmail.com), February 25, 2004.

i need my immortal for piano please e-mail it 2 me pleaseeeeeeee ( jack_the_best37@hotmail.com )

-- jack skinner (jack_the_best37@hotmail.com), April 07, 2004.

I found it, but its the easy one, like its missing the left hand it looks like...

Its an Adobe File, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to veiw it


-- Jared (this_re@lly_isnt_my.email), April 21, 2004.

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