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I'm new to the coffee business and looking for any helpful information (literature/books), that would help me improve my selling capabilities. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

-- Mitchell Marcantel (, February 11, 2004


Mitchell, my daughter is wanting to open a coffee house and I bought her a book called COFFEE BAR after doing alot of research. It's a really good book for starters and even includes a free CD. Might can find it cheap on

-- P Johnson (, February 15, 2004.

I have read many books on the topic, I would reccommend Better Bean Basics, available from

-- Dan Higgins (, March 16, 2004.


I would suggest anything by Zig Ziglar - he's a great motivational speaker with plenty of sales tips to get up and go after it! Another book, a bit more serious, is a book 'Start with No' by Jim Camp. This book encourages you to look for what is really important to your customer by putting yourself in their 'world' and then to formulate your sales plan to truly answer those customer needs. Good luck!!

-- Leilani Patel (, December 02, 2004.

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