I need 4 coffee carts

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I need 4 coffee carts to put in 4 different Hospitals, I have about 12sqft of space for each one. I live in the San Diego, Ca. area

-- Carlos Ruiz (czavala@bajaaromacafe.com), February 11, 2004


You may contact me if interested in a custom coffee cart!

-- Bruce Heins (bruceheins@verizon.net), April 02, 2004.


-- Martin Mayorga (martin@mayorgacoffee.com), April 09, 2004.

Thanks for the kind referral Sean. His url is seattlegourmetcoffee.com by the way. I've built carts specifically for hospitals, Johns Hobkins for starters so I know what they are looking for. Let's do a comparison of Burgess compared to my operation.

Burgess staff works upon commission. This means the cost of the cart is part of that sales staff members salary, ever buy a used car? Same scenario.

Espresso-Outfitters staff does not work on commission, in fact, when you are dealing with us, you are talking directly to the owners and the builders, there is no middle man.

Burgess has alot of overhead. Again, part of what you are paying for is to cover their facilities and ad budget.

Espresso-Outfitters operation is smaller, which keeps the overhead down. All advertisements are created online in house as well. We also operate a 3 tier business which uses the same facilities which compensates for it as well.

Burgess builds the same old, boring box layout, aluminum extruded style espresso carts.

Espresso-Outfitters builds custom, european style construction espresso carts. This means, your cart will not only be more easily cleaned since the surfaces are smooth, fully laminated, but the actual look of it is flexible. Instead of the "box" look, your options are unlimited, and we specialize upon rounded, art deco designs to really show off your operation.

Burgess boasts that their carts are lighter then plywood constructed carts. Yet, they are still using melamine.

Melamine is plastic covered particle board, it doesn't have a chance against moisture, which of course is the main component of any cleaning solution, it's also alot heavier.

Espresso Outfitters uses all 3/4" MDO, this is the same moisture resistant plywood that is used in road signs. It's both light, durable and will withstand the elements even through prolonged direct exposure to them. Our base frames are industrial, stock 1" by 2" aluminum tubing, which support the cabinet in a far superior fashion. We don't powder coat it either primarily because it's not visible to the public, and secondarily because the finish on the operators side is hand finished brushed, so there is no "paint" that's going to crack needing touch ups.

Burgess is in my opinion, the Starbucks of the espresso cart and kiosk world, if you want something overpriced, under engineered, go through burgess, if you want something created specifically for you, built to last a lifetime, then go through espresso-outfitters. Our url is espresso- outfitters.com.

-- Brian Millar (sales@espresso-outfitters.com), April 10, 2004.

See our site at www.apollocarts.com - We are able to supply our stock carts with or without equipment and are also able to build a cart to suit your specific needs. If you click on cart pricing and description on our site and then on the cart you are after all the specs and pricing will come up. If you are in need of more info please feel free to contact me

Regards Norm Kerfoot

-- Norm Kerfoot (sales@apollocarts.com), May 11, 2004.

Well, howdy apollo carts, glad one of you guys are actually chatting in real time. my url is espresso-outfitters.com just go there, and read, it's all straight forward, no need for extensive info to get the point across, especially in a forum......

-- Brian (sales@espresso-outfitters.com), May 30, 2004.

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