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I don't get these people, why do they continually make bogus ads? Below is a complete thread of e mails between us, I knew it was a scam, just trying to stir them up a bit.

Dear Sir,

You are already on our pre approved buyer list for one 2004 MV Agusta F4S.

The machine is no longer listed because we asked eBay to take off the auction from the site because we had too many demands for our product and we already have serious inquires from very interested parties (like yourself). We have received well over 200 questions for this item in the last 24 hours, it's like a bomb email and we have rejected all this earlier demands because item is now put on hold and promised to be sold. Who asks first, gets the item, works like this and thinking you wore one of my first potential buyers it will be unfair to sell the bike without placing you on my priority list.

The next step is to give you the last details for finalizing this business under the best conditions.

In order to start the shipping procedure, we require a 30% security deposit from the total amount of $9,000.00 ($2,700.00) . The payment method is by using a money order service. We prefer money order because this way we will ship the bike in maximum 48 hours after you make the down payment. During the time we learned that the best deals are closed when the risk involved is minimum. Since we will support the shipping costs you will support the money transfer commission. You will be allowed to buy it only after the transfer is sent to NYC. Note that you have to send us the first 30% from the total amount of $9,000.00 which means $2,700.00 and the rest of $6,300.00 after delivery. After you make the down payment, e-mail us the transfer details that you filled on the transfer receipt and also the address where we must ship the bike to. As soon as we receive the transfer details we will check if the funds are available and immediately contact eBay Warehouse to ship the bike to your shipping address. You will receive it by DAS insured in about four days or earlier, depends on your address . The 30% down payment will be sent to our sales manager Daniel Motta .


PS: Please don't take any action until you will receive the eBay notification that confirms your pre-approval and deposit instructions.

Dear Sir,

We are processing your request to be pre-approved for this item. If your request will obtain a positive answer you will be informed by our Customer Department during the next 24 hours. Thank you for trusting.

Jacques Bernier wrote:

currently own an MV an cannot believe this ad. For your price I'll buy it just to keep it off the market ...the price is too low. You never gave the vin number....I'll give you the one off my bike, I'm not trying to hide anything.

What dealership is the bike at? Phone nu,ber, I'll wire fund direct. 9 grand is not a realistic price for this unit, that is why I'm sceptical...there are many scams running on the internet and I want simple details...If you choose to not answer questions, I won't bother buying. Simple really! I would like to discuss, (free shipping!) I'll take that too!

Give me a phone # to discuss. --- "MV Agusta Bikes , Daniel M" wrote: > Dear buyer, > Thanks for watching at our listing. > > The bike is located in New York, NY 10019 . > > In order to be pre-approved please inform us if you > ever purchased a high price item on eBay. We also > need to knoItw if you have negative feedback. We > apologize for asking these questions but we had a > lot of problems with non paying bidders in the past > and we lost a lot of money in listing fees. The bike > is Brand new , 0 miles , Full Factory Warranty and > comes with all the factory accessories. Warranty > card (US warranty) will be enclosed with invoice. > Shipping is free only within US. > > The bike is also available for overnight shipping > (additional charge will be asked). > > Regards! > > Daniel Motta > > > > > MV Agusta F 4 S Monoposto NEW Modell ! > > Brand new , 0 Miles , 101 kW (137 hp) Red with > Silver > > > wrote:where is the bike > located? How is it an 04' there is not a bike 750. > Please give vin #, as the one listed is incorrect. > -------------------- > > > Question from: rs250aprilia > Title of item: Other Makes : MV Agusta F4 > Seller: texaspa > Starts: Feb-08-04 19:57:49 PST > Ends: Feb-15-04 19:57:49 PST > Price: Starts at $9,000.00 > To view the item, go to: > >

-- Jacques (, February 11, 2004


Yup, I also tired "communicating" w/ these people. Remember all, if the price is too good to be true, that's because it is!

-- ben (, February 11, 2004.

I knew it was, thought I'd see how they would answer some Serial # - location - phone # for's funny really, how do people get scammed when it is obviously bogus?

-- Jacques (, February 11, 2004.

I recieved the eBay confirmation email, perse and forwarded it to the spoof department. As the add was pulled and I could no longer get any other info, The Real eBay did confirm that the email has nothing to do with them. These people are pretty good hackers I must say....Always look for suspicious things like only one payment method, no legal recourse, no way to verify information and very limited time.

-- Cali-Kane (, February 11, 2004.

The same people have just recently tried to scam me on a 2003 BMW M3 for $7k. I was very suspicious as the quality of the scam is quite good. They had answers to many of my probing questions that seemed reasonably legitimate, including giving me a VIN that checked out and matched the car that they were advertising. Thanks in part to this site, it became clear that this offer really was too good to be true.

-- Josh (, March 11, 2004.

I got the same deal for the M3. I asked them why it was so cheap and for a contact phone number. Below is the reply.

Dear Customer,

This is a sponsored offer for our new opened Business Center in New York, this is the reason for the low price. We inform you that our company is one of the most important eBayís Business Partner and they agree to support our marketing campaing. Because of that, actually we get the 70% amount paid by our sponsor.

The 2002 BMW M3 Coupe is in excellent condition and itís free from scratches or any damage.The buy it now price is $10,000 and the car is located in New York.

We are processing your request to buy it now for this item. If your request will obtain a positive answer from our Customer Department you will be informed by eBay during the next 36 hours. During this period of time we will check your feedback and decide if you can buy this item or not.

We think you understand that is very important for us is to make this deal in best conditions.

Thank you for trusting us,

James Monroe Fleet Manager

I also wrote to and the confirmed it had nothing to do with them. Unfortuntly some unlucky people fall for this crap. Below is the email saying that i was approved by EBAY, OH JOY! I don't have an ebay account, so that lets you know right there that something isn't right.

Dear eBay user

You are already on our approved buyer list for one 2002 BMW M3 Coupe.

The next step is to give you the last details for finalizing this business under the best conditions. If you are a first time user then you must go in person to a Western Union agent (as eBay instructed you) from where you can send the payment. If you can't find a agent location near you, please send us your address and we will search it for you . Since we will support the shipping costs you will support the money transfer commission. You will receive the car only after the wire transfer is sent to New York. As you have been instructed by eBay, you have to send us only the first 25% of the total amount of $10,000, which means $2,500 and the rest of $7,500 after delivery. This is a special offer for the new opened eBay warehouse, this the reason for the low price. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase from eBay WareHouse, you can return the car within 30 days of receipt and get your money back.

After you make the payment through Western Union they will provide you the mtcn that means money transfer control number. E-mail us the mtcn and the sender's full name and address that you filled in on the transfer request. As soon as we receive from you the transfer details we will check the payment and immediately contact eBay Warehouse to ship the car to you and you will receive it by DAS ( insured in max five business days.

The payment must be sent on the name of our sales manager:

Nicholas Bruni 215 E 66th St, New York, NY 10021

Please email us your full name and address for shipping, so we know you received this email.

Thank you.

-- Gary W. (, May 12, 2004.

I received an E-mail almost exactly identical to the one for the BMW M3 coupe, only the year for the one I was looking at was 2001 and the so-called "warehouse" is located in Cincinati. I live near there, so I E-mailed them asking if I could pick up the car at the warehouse. I still haven't heard back from 'em. I also forwarded the E-mail to the spoof thing on eBay and they confirmed that someone hacked into the person's account and that it was a scam. I sent a letter to the local news channel's "I-team" (investigative reporting) and I also contacted the Cincinnati Police. I know that they didn't end up scamming me, but I'm sue they've done it to others. My boyfriend is thinking about going by the person's apartment or something. Since it's a real address, perhaps some legal action could be taken. It does sound like something that would be on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. LOL.

-- Katie (, June 02, 2004.

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