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I Have allways be curious of how companies inner circle develop effective business plans. One method is to hire college kids to do sales and just cut price for jobs and pick up accounts. Another method is to have a great product and service reputation and customers will pay higher price for service. We are in a very complicated business and we are only getting a fraction of the service prices that we were getting 20 years ago due to new controls and competition. We have field personnel with decades of experience and are rarely asked any questions about what would help a company. There is nothing better that to work for a company that has it all together and is making money by an effective business plan and not by shortsided cutting the price and then squeezing the employees by taking away trucks,parts,phones,training support ect.

-- Jim (www.elevator555@hotmail.com), February 11, 2004


A-MEN Brother you just hit the nail on the head.I used to work for a company that took your input.Now they are succesful and decided that our input isn't needed any more. Another one bites the Dust.

-- Steve (vette69@comcast.net), February 11, 2004.

The old days, along with the entire major elevator companies are gone. They are all owned by overseas conglomerates that see the North American market as a giant sponge that they can absorb billions of dollars from. So instead of having a high rise that you would spend a week on, you now have one hour per elevator every other week. One company does it and the rest have to follow or else the competition eats them. Itís a vicious business and a lot of the big wigs are making money hand over fist. But they resent the Union and they wages they have to pay so they load us up. And now we have in excess of 140 units per month. Quality used to mean something. Now itís just a word we use to bullshit the customer

-- mack (relaylogic@sciti.com), February 25, 2004.

The same goes here in Australia...although it is really starting to bite them in the arse with the call rates going through the roof...but the ostrichs (ie sticking heads in the sand)in upper and middle management cant see it..(must be that damn sand)....and still try to reduce staff and increase units per run...all they want to see is how much they can outdo each other and reduce cost and increase profit...with scant regard to the workers in the field

-- dayle (daylebrenda@iprimus.com.au), February 26, 2004.

Hi dayle not spoke to you for a while how's it going down there is LH still pushing the new company ethos mole PS watch the tinnies

-- mole (moleelevators@yahoo.com), March 06, 2004.

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