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Anyone out there using the Casoli 'De-Baffled' exhaust system, and if so what are the power increases like compared to an RG3 system? I'm looking at both alternatives, and each has both benefits and drawbacks, but I'd like to get an idea of performance with either system.

Also, do you get any major increases when you change the headers as well, or do the silencers make the most difference?


-- Craig Whiteway (, February 09, 2004


Craig - Hopefully I'm not inviting a bunch of flames, but IMHO.... :-)

The only way to SIGNIFICANT (7-10hp) gains is to go with the RG3 + SPR header + Chip. I doubt that either the RG3 or Casoli mufflers would give any noticible gains by themselves.

Now - both of those options would give you a nicer sound, so if that is the goal - these are good options.

This being said - Go with the RG3. It was engineered for the bike by MV... Again - IMHO...


-- Alex (, February 09, 2004.

I just sent my pipes off to Casoli for the conversion. If I could have afforded it, I would have bought the RG3's as it would be nice to have the sock pipes available for whatever reason.

-- ben (, February 09, 2004.

If anyone would wish to aquire a set of standard Evo 2 pipes, hardly used and in excellent condition, no reasonable offer will be refused.

-- jim (, February 10, 2004.

Thanks for the info guys, much as I would like to go with the full RG3 system, like Ben, its out of my price range unfortunately.

Could you keep us posted on how you get on with the Casoli pipes, Ben?

Jim, what constitutes a reasonable offer for the standard pipes you have going?

-- Craig Whiteway (, February 10, 2004.

Will do, Craig. FYI, I've spoke with another MV owner who has heard the Casoli pipes and he said it's REALLY, REALLY loud... I was interested to find that the tone of the motor does not change, though. I was concerned that the bike was going to sound flat or tinny, like some of the Jap 600's.(you know, the kind of 'mosquito on sterioids' sound..) Thankfully this is not the case.

-- ben (, February 10, 2004.

Would accept 150. By the way, I fitted Sil Moto titanium pipes to mine, didnt go much better and didnt look as good as standards but the noise was absolutely incredible!

-- Jim (, February 11, 2004.

I had the casoli conversion carried out with a senna chip fitted worked real well sounded very crisp front wheel would lift in 1 st gear without any rider input at 5000 rpm (and i am 16.5 stone). but it's very loud. i would recomend it.

-- pep (, February 16, 2004.

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