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As a newer owner of a 2001 F4 which previously experinced some "bad fortune", I am in need of some parts, preferably used if possible. The first and formost is the rear factory wheel. This is the stock rim in the dark grey color. There are many other things on my list so if you have spares, please contact me.

-- Kane Brechlin (, February 09, 2004



Look at (search for MV Agusta F4) - but you have to hurry up.



-- Speedy (, February 09, 2004.

Kane -

Just a thought.. Without knowing the actual "bad fortune", you might consider having the stock wheels repaired and refinished. These could be painted to stock or polished ala Senna.. Just a thought.. :-)


-- Alex (, February 09, 2004.

Alex, thanks for the thought, but repairing the rear wheel is not possible!

-- Kane California (, February 09, 2004.

This might be a perfect time to upgrade to lighter wheels. Check out Martin has some forged Marchesini's on sale if they haven't been sold already. No, I don't work for Martin! Just a good source of parts. good luck!

-- dean (, February 13, 2004.

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