B&B county court- Hearing for directions (this week)

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I have been corresponding with Hammond Suddards Edge since 2000. B & B have now switched to Addleshaw Goddard. They have applied for a judgement and we are currently supposed to be negotiating a settlement. In the meantime, I have received court papers for this week to go before a judge at Addleshaws reqest. They have applied for a hearing of 'direction'. I am not using a solicitor and wonder if any one can advise what to expect from this hearing and secondly what chance will I have to put my side across????????? thanks

-- Debbie Beal (sweetnsmartfemale@yahoo.co.uk), February 08, 2004


I suggest you get some legal advice .We went for a case management with b&b only to find we were given a judgement for 73000.The judge is not always interested in what you have to say unless you know your rights.We didn't.They employed a barrister at our cost (1700) and basically we did not have a clue.We now have a judgement for 73000. Please be careful.

-- Liz Harman (grantandliz@ntlworld.com), February 20, 2005.


You need to SARN everybody involved. However, it would be more expedient to instruct a solicitor to obtain disclosure. Without evidence you are bound to fail.

With whom at Addleshaw Goddard were you negotiating?

-- Anon (Badger@bt.com), February 21, 2005.

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