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Do you wear blinders? At one time or another I suppose everyone wore blinders. Here is the way to decide if YOU have on a group blinder. over your mind with such. Most everyone wears the group blinder. The group being which institutional Church he/she is associated with. Good Catholics wear their group blinders. Ever try to talk with one who continually brings in the traditions of the Catholic Church? The Baptist wear their group blinder because they will talk on and on about how one is "once saved, always saved" and how baptism has nothing to do with salvation. All the scriptures in the N.T. will not convince them otherwise because they filter the scriptures through their group blinder..

The group blinder is a dangerous thing. Because those who have the blinder on tightly filter scripture though the thinking of their group. Can one remove such a blinder quickly? Not usually. The blinder must be chipped away a little at a time until it is no longer between the individual and his Father. Martin Luther thought his Catholic blinder had been removed until he found himself climbing the steps of the Cathedral on his knees as he had done for years. Then "he came to himself" and thought, "What am I doing?" He got up, walk away, as he said, for the last time.

Those in the Church of Christ certainly wear their group blinders....depending on which group they are with. What is sad is that the group blinder a teacher wears will for the most part be placed on the new convert. Most of the time he is converted to the group. He is thoroughly indoctrinated with the doctrine of the group. His freedom is taken from him as he learns the doctrine of that group.

To hear anything not filtered through the group is cast aside, many times with bitterness. How dare anyone present scriptures not shaded by the group blinder.

There are other blinders as well: parent, mate, school attended...etc.


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-- Nelta Brock (, February 08, 2004


To cast off all blinders is to be a Zen Buddhist or Taoist, is it not? Most scriptures were written by humans wearing "group blinders". Group blinders can quite often serve a useful purpose, i.e. preserving cultures, religious sects, positions of power, etc.

-- J Biscuits (, February 09, 2004.

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