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i am preparing to open a coffee house in tampa and am looking for a roaster to use. we will be serving espresso (reg and decaf) i prefer to use full bodied medium blends. cold brewed toddy a highly acidic blend. a variety of regular, decaf, and flavors. espresso is the most important, i am very picky! please email responses to please include contact info, website/phone #. we will contact you to get your full listing of selections and coffee samples. we need to start sampling to find our perfect roaster!!

-- jason r. smith (jsmith116@, February 07, 2004


Hello Jason, can I ask you why you are not roasting yourself.... seems you know what you want, why risk your baby with someone else's roast profiles? Alun Evans

-- Alun (, February 10, 2004.

Hi Sir If you are looking for valve bags for roasted whole bean, I can offer you the best both blank orprinted. the anerage price for balnk 1 lb valve bag about 0.2 USD per piece. If you adopt people's advice to roast your bean, I am a roaster in Taiwan, I can offer you half-hot air roaster 10kg per batch. the price about 13000 USD for a new one. and 4 days training course.

-- Steven Lin (, March 04, 2004.

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