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recently a "friend" told me that the MV 750 engine is the same engine that goes into the old zxr7. I find this hard to believe. Another guy told me is a Ferrari designed engine...Do MV make their own engines, or are they sourced from elsewhere?

-- Mick DAVIS (, February 05, 2004


No ZX7R Engine in the MV. It is my understanding that Ferrari had some early input in the design but CRC, Cagiva Research Centre, was most responsible for the design. The Radial valves being the one major idea from Ferrari that was kept all the way through the design process. The owner of MV is the same owner of Cagiva who bought the rights to the name and now makes them under the MV brand name. Its same owner and company group. He owns the company that makes Husky's too. Note that CRC is often called the Cagiva Racing Corporation but they are Cagiva Research Centre, in enlish. They do have racing experience since they raced Cagiva's in Grand Prix for years.

-- Greg (, February 06, 2004.


I've never heard the zx7r one! I always get the GSXR750 motor claim. I've had people argue pretty fervently - my friends love it but at this point are so sick of it they just correct them on their own.

Everything designed in house by Andrea Goggi.

-- James (, February 06, 2004.

Ever wondered why its called an F4? The F is for Ferrari apparently, who did indeed help design the engine. I believe the original design was a 'back to front' job, with pipes at the rear, but Cagiva put a more conventional design into production. Its origins are italian through and through however. Bear in mind its also something like 10 years old in design, hence the lack of power next to modern jap stuff.

-- Craig Whiteway (, February 07, 2004.

i would always get the GSXR response and got into a few arguements over that one, never got the ZX engine one. quite funny. people would ask me why i spent so much on a bike that sounds like a GSXR! i would always say ride one and find out, cause no jap bike sounds like this on full throttle (and i hear the brutale is even better sounding!)

-- Rob (, February 08, 2004.

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