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I've had my MV for about a year now and wouldn't change it for any other bike on the planet. I prefer my bikes standard and it came with a tacky aftermarket hugger, no problem I thought, I whipped it off and ordered the small chain guard that is fitted to the top side of the swingarm. (a plastic one at £15 ish). It arrived after ............ TEN MONTHS! Can anyone beat this as the longest wait for the most trivial part? At least it didn't keep me off the road. Still love the bike but maybe the italians could sort their life out a bit.

-- Sean Astley (, February 03, 2004


Tipical problem with Mv Agusta !!!

-- cuervo (, February 03, 2004.

Twelve months for a left side panel

-- Gary Stewart (, February 03, 2004.

I agree with cuervo!!! and a life to have a real power !!! for the price of the F4. I want to buy a R1 , 2004 !!!

-- Maximo (, February 03, 2004.

7 MONTHS for a fuel filter!!!! :)

-- (, February 04, 2004.

I had a water pump go south, my dealer had one in about two months. Rumor was that they pulled one off the line at the factory. It was a spanking new Senna, I don't think they wanted to warranty an over- cooked motor.

-- greg petersen (, February 04, 2004.

7 months for a fuel filter !!!!!! wohhh !!!!! i kill someone !!! the Mv Agusta is a shit !!!!

-- maximo (, February 04, 2004.

yeahh right i agree ¡¡¡Mv Agusta is a SHIT!!!

-- cuervo (, February 04, 2004.

Man from what I hear here I wish I don't have issues with my MV any time soon. But I don't think the other Italian manufactures are too much better either. Except maybe for Aprilia. My wife's 95 Duc 900SS needs a fuse box cover (a square piece of plastic), have been waiting for more than 6 months and still waiting. Will have to seriously consider what my next bike will be!

-- Asok Boopathy (, February 05, 2004.

well, Cuervo and Maximo obviously have a beef with MV for some reason, though I've not seen an explaination as to why exactly, but boys, go get those R1s', I'm sure you'll love em, especially when parked up to the other 3000 R1s' at the local bike haunt.

In the UK parts seem to be an issue, but not in other countries (Germany, Australia, Switzerland to name a few). I don't think its the factory, as I know of instances where direct requests have got results, in the UK a lot of people think its 3X, the importer, of course they just blame it on the factory.

-- Phil (, February 08, 2004.

I agree with you Phil, maximo you seem to badmouth MV on every forum because it is heavier and has less power. big deal is what i say. go buy you a 2004 R1 like 10,000 other people and you will get your parts in 5-7 business days. most buyers of MVs know that it is a small company and there are always issues, yes i waited months for parts too, but thas why i have TWO bikes and ride the other one, which is for sale cause its just not any fun (2003 ZX6R) and yes my 600 is faster and NO it does not handle nearly was well as my MV nor could it ever, it will never posess character and long lasting value. it is a cookie cutter bike like all other japanese bikes. i have owned LOTS of jap bikes and loved them all but its not like the love affair i have had with my ducati and agusta.....power is not everything. be considerate and take your bad mouthing and smack talking to other forums

-- Rob (, February 08, 2004.

My take on it in the UK is that 3X have had so many problems with the factory that the relationship has been damaged. I.E. the factory put them low in their priorities and 3X have got used to things taking forever so won't work on solving issues.

Personally I came to MV via an R1(and all the other Jap hyperbikes since the late 80's), yes it had more power, more reliability but considerable less character.

Since owning my F4 I have also learnt a lot about the older bikes. Can't afford a 750 sport or America, not without letting the F4 go, so now I have started tinkering with old japs.

By total coincidence Greenspun have, as I have just discovered when reserching my latest purchase, an area for owners of SOHC 750 Honda's - A bike that not only helped put the final nales into the coffin of the British bike industry, but also has many similarities with MV fours of the 70's.

Anyway - aren't bikes good - I want tham all, and I want them now, not sure about Harley's though, can you just put them at the back for the momnet while I think about it.

-- Mark M (, February 18, 2004.

I guess its something we in the UK will never really find out.

I know from what others have said on the various forums that 3X just haven't ordered parts when they said they have (though that guy got sacked allegedly), and they don't seem to hold a lot of spares. I know of a few guys who managed to get in touch with the factory and got their spares shipped quite quickly, still via 3X.

My problem is that I have been to the premises of another European importer who seems to have everything in stock, and tops it up as soon as its sold. I know other Eu importers appear to have fewer issues with spares, as is the case with the Australian importer.

I just get the feeling that 3X just dont want to invest the money in the first place. How many ads do you see for 3X for MV in the various publications? A lot of the bikes tested in UK mags are peoples own, or parallel importers bikes, or tested in Italy at the factory. I've never heard mention of a 3X run track day (unlike Germany, Australia, Benelux etc etc).

Maybe if they put more in, they would get more out. From the service I personally received from the factory when my bike broke down there whilst on a tour last year, I just don't believe its the factory at fault.


-- Phil (, February 21, 2004.

rear indicator ordered by phone from 3x @3pm delivered 8am next day via the post man. total 17hrs. this sounds like a record. VIVA MV.

-- tony b (, February 22, 2004.

Yeah, they seem to have things like that, its the more elaborate stuff, like clutches, parts for pistons+valves etc that they don't seem to have to hand, which in all fairness they should do. I don't know what the average stock holding would be, but I would like to think they hold enough spares to completely build something like 3- 5% of the bikes they've sold. I know thats a lot of spares, but as the importer, I see it as their job to hold that kind of stock holding. They are after all servicing what, about 20+ dealers, and maybe a couple of thousand customers. And if they aren't getting the service from the factory, then its up to them to resolve the issues, not leave teh customer and owner in the shit. I know my dealer had to send 3X some parts because they didn't have it on the shelf, how pissed is that!?!?

-- Phil (, February 22, 2004.

your right phil. Still at least more and more sechond hand stuff is appearing in the market place now not helpful in all cases but can only get better. tony b

-- tony b (, February 22, 2004.

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