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Imagine this. You're in an elevator, going up. Then all of the sudden, there a very attractive person of the opposite sex entering the elevator. With 12 floors to go, the temperature starts to exceed normal levels and the urge to stare becomes hard to resist. What to do?

-- Tijmen de Haan (, February 03, 2004


Hope they're not a transsexual.

-- N.Prude (, February 04, 2004.

Stare intently at the car PI. Start your own hard countdown as if you're NASA launching a rocket into space. 10, 9, 8... When you hit your floor, make as realistic as possible the sound of a rocket taking off. When the doors open, exit. That's sure to impress. Good luck!

-- kevin cain (, February 10, 2004.

Last time I checked it wasn't against the law to look or stare just don't touch or you might be riding an elevator at a courthouse.

-- BigCid (, February 25, 2004.

here in florida there is a three second rule longer than that and it is harassment.

-- sanz (, February 26, 2004.

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