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Does age impose a limit to learn carnatic Vocal music? Is 30 years age too old to learn music?

-- Vijay (, February 02, 2004


its never too late to learn music. with any previous singing experience like bathroom singing,u should give vocal music a try.why not try some instrumental. regards, aarthi

-- Aarthi.S (, March 01, 2004.

It has been my privilege to teach Carnatic Vocal to several grown ups who had never had a vocal or even music lesson in their life. Their ages ranged from low 20s to 60+. Some couples have learnt together in the same class. This seems to add to their enjoyment.

They enjoyed learning and singing. They are self-motivated and dedicated. It takes them a lot of effort to make it to a class. So they value it all the more and work hard at learning. They find creative ways to listen/practice - on their way to work and in the kitchen.

They are often diffident in the beginning. They worry if their voice and memory are good enough. It is a joy to watch them discovering that they can learn things rapidly and their memory and voices are working very well indeed. Learning to sing greatly enhances their enjoyment in listening to music.

I would strongly encourage that you to go ahead and start learning as soon as you can locate a teacher. It is worth the effort. Hope learning music brings you a lot of joy in your life.

Best Wishes


-- Radha Kalyan (, March 08, 2004.

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