Trash has been removed and we are able to continue : LUSENET : church of Christ : One Thread

We have recently had trash put on this forum. The FBI was contacted and the trash is no longer a problem but the titles cannot be removed so we will continue with Bible discussion.

If you happen by here you are free to post on Biblical subjects or respond to what has already been posted.


-- Nelta Brock (, February 02, 2004


Thank you very much for telling me this. How did you get rid of it all? I wanted to close mine down because I was so frustrated but then I was advised to turn it over to the FBI.


-- Nelta Brock (, February 02, 2004.

That sick creature is currently destroying the "Aeon Flux" board with his spam and pornography. This monster has got to be stopped.

-- Garret Ford (, April 23, 2004.

You may be interested in knowing that your forum is not the only one that has been wrecked. My forum was also trashed in the last week or two. Akobadageth, the forum wrecker's IP is You may want to give that to the FBI as well.
John Katz

-- John Katz (, February 02, 2004.

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