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I just bought a 15kilo Vittoria roaster. I know it was manufactured in Italy, and the guys who rebuilt it for me estimate that it is about 30years old. But I would like to find out exactly how old it is, and more information about it. Does anyone know anything about Vittoria roasters or where I can find out how old my machine is? Thanks.

-- Brian Franklin (, February 01, 2004


I also have one of these-estimated a 1940's model. I have seen a few in Italy but notably they have all been quite different in the detailing but no-one has been able to give me a date. Any info appreciated, Thanks Craig O'dwyer London GB

-- D Craig O'Dwyer (, February 29, 2004.

I'm sure you will get usefull information to this address:, web site:

-- Mr. Michel RUCH (, March 30, 2004.

The advise of checking with Vittoria Commercial may not pan out since the original company is long gone. I know the old factory and several of the workers - so if you will send me a picture of the machine and see if there is a serial number any place on the machine and send that as well - I can probably nail the year or series of years of which it was made. Photo and serial # to please.

-- Jay Endres (, April 15, 2004.

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