2 questions, ACL E-8 paint schemes and Crossing Tower in North Carolina???

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I have two questions about the ACL, one dealing with locomotive paint schemes and the other about a concrete tower still in place in Garysburg, NC????

1st question, Did the ACL have any E-8's painted purple? if so, do you have the numbers? In my locomotive book, it says the E-8's were build between 1949-1953, this includes ALL E-8's built for all railroads. I would believe the ACL locomotives would be painted in the Purple paint since it was about 1960 when black and yellow was adopted. (the purple scheme to me looks great, but the black and yellow is beautiful in a sorta way too.... just personal feeling). In Mr. Larry Goolsby's "Atlantic Coast Line Passenger Service...The Post War Years", on page 57 a photo of an E-8 appears, with the caption stating these locomotives were common on the railroad's western trains. The locomotive pictured... #54? is in Black and yellow. It states on page 113, the ACL purchased 5 E-8's in 1950, which were the last new passenger power the railroad bought. I assume therefore the locomotives would have worn Purple when purchased. I haven't seen pictures of these locomotives in Purple paint, just want to be sure I have all my information correct. I am working on a ACL Passenger train poster and want to make everything as correct as possible.

Maybe I have answered my own question, but want to make sure it is correct.

2nd question: On my way home to Morehead City, NC from Pennsylvania, I pulled off of 95 somewhere along the VA/NC border. Being tired of driving on the interstate for hours on end and sitting in traffic around Alexandria...(common occurence, almost NEVER happens heading north) I decided I wanted to take 301 to Rocky Mount to waken up a bit and see a little more of my beloved North Carolina (The state I was born in and the only place I will ever call home) I turned off the highway in a little town... Maybe Garysburg??? to follow the railroad through town. I noticed a odd-looking concrete tower near the railroad tracks at a highway crossing. It looked as if it may have been a watchman's tower or a control tower??? (not sure about that one) Was this building a railroad building? If so, what was it? When was it used? Why is it still standing? (I assume it would cost a lot to take it down, besides, looks like it is not hurting anything and looks to be in good shape)

I know this is more than two questions, and I apologize for the rambling, but one question I need for verification and the other, well, it has been bugging me for the past 3 years.

Thanks to all,

Daniel T. Edwards Grand Island, Nebraska

-- Daniel T. Edwards (edwardtaylor@hotmail.com), February 01, 2004


ACL's original 5 E8s, 544-548, were delivered in the purple scheme with 6 inch road name lettering. Around 1956 at least some of them, probably all, were repainted with the 12-inch lettering. Purple for passenger units was replaced at the end of 1957 with the black scheme. ACL first leased, then purchased 8 more E8 A units from Katy, 549-556, in 1966 and they were repainted into the black scheme.

The concrete crossing tower is in Enfield, NC. I don't know how long it's been out of service, perhaps Larry Denton or others who live in the area can help. Did you also see the old wood water tank standing by the tracks a few miles north of Enfield? Like the crossing tower, it's the only one of these left standing on the ex-ACL that I know of.

-- Larry Goolsby (clgoolsby@att.net), February 01, 2004.

Yes,ACL had purple E8's.You need Calloway's ACL book.It has plenty of pictures.I am not familiar enought about the northend ACL,but there was a tower still standing up there somewhere.

-- J.Oates (uj67@mindspring.com), February 01, 2004.

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