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dear coffee friends if have bought a used la cimbali junior d with the 4 dose presets. my problem: the doses are to big and differe too less. maybe somebody can help me. please. anyway i would like to get an pdf of the manual of the la cimbali junior d thanx alot marc

-- marc burgstaller (, January 31, 2004


Any joy?? I need one too.

-- (, April 10, 2004.

me too please!

-- hazel (, April 27, 2004.

If you have not found the manual, I have a paper manual for M21 Junior.D/1 I would be happy to send itto all of you in PDF


-- Farid Rohani (, May 19, 2004.

The programmer is in the inside of the machine. It is a plastic reservoire with a lot of needels in it's cap. If you move up and down the needles you will find that they indicate the machine the different volumes of water each shot should be pouring. You can watch as you select the different positions and pour the water, and determine which one activates each position of the doser dial. It's quite difficult to explain but pretty easy to find out. By the way, I would really like a copy of the manual as well. Best regards and good luck. Juan Enrique

-- Juan E. Goņi (, May 31, 2004.

Also need the PDF for the manual for Cimbali Jr-D. Thank you in advance.

Edward Hines

-- Edward Hines (, August 02, 2004.

I would very much appreciate the PDF of the manual as well.

-- Bill (, August 03, 2004.

I could use the manual, too!

-- Ruth Gilbert (, August 09, 2004.

-- SOREN POULSEN (, October 07, 2004.

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