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Who can I go to to complain about B&B not adhering to the CML's 6 year code. There does not seem to be anyone interested. They have no proof that they wrote to me within the 6 years at an address at which I was living but they will not reply to any of my queries. I have asked them for proof and explained I did not live at the address they sent 1 letter to but they are blatantly disregarding this CML ruling now and they know they are. I have received a letter from Drydens today that they will not enter into any further protracted correspondance and will commence legal action in 7 days if i do not pay up in full. Is this just a worthless ruling or is there anyone who will listen and act on it.

-- Julie (, January 30, 2004


The OFT Guidelines on debt collection state it is an 'unfair practice' to commence legal action while a debt is being questioned. I would write to them to this effect and send a copy to the OFT. Short of time at the mo or would expand further.

-- justask (, January 31, 2004.


I would take this to your local MP, if he/she isn't helpful then try Mike Hancock or one of the MPs who signed his EDM (see Home Repossession page).Good Luck.


-- M Amos (, February 03, 2004.

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