War photojouralist who have died in action

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I am doing a project for school and would like names of more recent photographers who were killed in actions or as a relult of 9/11. Thank You

-- Jennifer Householder (cip@gci.net), January 29, 2004


Bill Biggart was one of the few photographers who were killed by the falling towers. Check out the January/Feburary 2002 issue of American Photo.

Do a search at PDNonline.com, "killed photographer"...

-- photojoe (crazymutt1@yahoo.com), January 31, 2004.

Daniel Pearl was a photojournalist for the Wall Street Journal who was held as a POW and killed by terrorist in Pakistanthat around april 2002 or so. His story is very interesting. The terrorist made a video of the murder and sent it to the US government. CBS showed part of the video on air when it was released to the public. Somewhere on the internet the video of his torture and decapitation is floating around but it is very grotesque. Pearl is the most recent photojournalist that I have hear about, his story is pretty interesting. Hope this helps!

-- Kelsey Kimberlin (kimberlin_k@wildcat.bakeru.edu)

-- Kelsey Kimberlin (kimberlin_k@wildcat.bakeru.edu), March 05, 2004.

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