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I operate a small kayak tour business in Puerto Rico and USVI. I lived in Hawaii for many years and paddled canoe for Healani and Honolulu Clubs paddling sprint, long distance and Molokai Hoe. I've retained my love for the big canoes and would like to purchase a used OC-6 to introduce here in the Caribbean, first as a tourist gimmick and as a way to rekindle the Taino/Caribe Indian maritime tradition, lost 200yrs ago. If anyone has a contact out there, please give me a shout at kayaksafaris@hotmail.com. Thanks, Lowry Wilson, Pres. Kayak Safaris, Inc. www.kayaksafaris.com

-- Lowry Wilson (kayaksafaris@hotmail.com), January 29, 2004


Check with outrigger.org This is monitored by just about everyone in outrigger related activities. Try East Coast Outrigger Racing Association Try New York Outrigger / Treasurer Tori Butt. I know one of the boats is for sale. Any questions feel free to email. Ziggy

-- John Zeigler (usrowboy@comcast.net), April 20, 2004.

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