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I have some vintage espresso machine's for sale -Universal Jollisina 2 groep 1955 with a 1955 Mazzer grinder -Nordexpress 1960's 1 groep - 2 x Aurora 1970's 1 groep all these machines are working and all ther rings have been replaced the are located in Holland

email yoerimail@xs4all

-- Yoeri Kerkhof (, January 29, 2004



We are looking for an inexpensive used refurbishable 2-group lever- style machine. If yours are lever operated (I'm guessing they are since they are vintage), I would to know more about them, price also.

-- Dana Reed (, January 31, 2004.

for the 2 group machine I am asking 8000 euro it is fully refurbished and working perfectly

-- Yoeri Kerkhof (, January 31, 2004.

are you able to send pictures of these to me i am a collector and am very interested

-- lee alam (, February 10, 2004.

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