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I am looking for any prints for a montgomery elevator. We recently picked up a 5 stop that has a dial wheel with switches in it for a selector.

Can anyone help me out with some info?


-- Jon (, January 29, 2004


that will be a "starwheel" selector, get a digital camera and take a snap of the settings on it when at each landing, this will help you out if you have selction trouble until you can get a starwheel print good luck -wang

-- yes (, February 04, 2004.

Jon they are pretty simple. No pictures required of starwheel.It rotates 5 clicks one way then 5 clicks the other . Contacts are available thru adams. a five stop will have 2 segments in it . It will have been running on 1 side for ever just move 180degrees if it wears out. Why not have prints before you take this on? Call your local montgomery/kone office they will proveid a print for a fee. Liftguy

-- (, February 09, 2004.

The only thing I've gotten for free from KONE is a butt chewing. Why not modernize that junk. There are several companies that make a replacement selector. All are more reliable and most use a tape reader in the hatch. I promise you that you will have fewer callbacks and better leveling. Put americans to work, spend the money.

-- BigCid (, February 25, 2004.

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