"Carnegie Travelling Libraries" on the Seaboard Air Line

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I'm looking for any information on what were called "Carnegie Travelling Libraries" that were carried by the Seaboard Air Line around 1900-1907. These "libraries" were financed by Andrew Carnegie, and took the form of wooden cases of books that were delivered to and from communities without proper libraries. I'm not sure of the extent of the involvement of the railroad in this endeavor beyond transport, but I was hoping someone might have a reference or a snip of information regarding this operation.

Thanks! Jason Miller jnmiller@socrates.berkeley.edu

-- Jason Miller (jnmiller@socrates.berkeley.edu), January 27, 2004


SAL put out a very nicely done booklet on the traveling library, showing the baggage car that carried the books around plus other photos and descriptions. The ACL & SAL HS archives has a copy. Contact me off list for more details.

-- Larry Goolsby (lgoolsby@aphsa.org), January 28, 2004.

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