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Does anyone have any tips on handling airport security when carrying a case of video equipment( a case which will attract much attention from our security clerks as we pass through the checkpoint)

Suggestions and horror stories welcome.


-- Kevin Mathieu (, January 27, 2004


Well, this is one of the trick...! Flight cases, preferably red in color, stickers allover the case, sling your huge ENG Camera and generally make a very visual show. They (read security) do get bored of this antic and realise that we are bona fide and just doing our job...and let them alos do theirs, SMILE,Be COURTEOUS and it help !! Moreover, if you are going for a real burner, discuss where you are going or small recently concluded sports does help !

-- Anamitra Chakladar (, February 01, 2004.

Beware of Russia and Belarus. Real busters. Like make troubles just for fun. "Teachig life to "burzhua"(capitalists) " Remember you are not only very rich, you are guilty in ALL theyr problems." In eyes of communists any camera is spy tool. Play stupid and be ready to payd bribe. All type of controls from airpor to road traffic. Keep documents with you.

-- Allen Joelson (, February 27, 2004.

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