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Iím inquiring about importing coffee from Italy to California. In particular, Iím looking for import company that already import from Italy to the US and can answer some questions about this subject. Please email with info

-- Miko Hasson (, January 27, 2004


Hi Miko, I import espresso from Italy what would you like to know?

-- Roberto Scolaro (, February 10, 2004.

Miko, we are an import company of both machines and espresso coffee.We have the capsule coffee that is used in our machines rather than the machine grind.A perfect tasting espresso in 22 seconds without the waste or me at 727-531-1010/or e-mail for further info.

-- vince longo (, April 14, 2004.

Piazza Italia LLC is the Importer of BrunoCaffe espresso in the US we are currently looking for distributor in your area. I can help you with whatever answers you need. Call any time 718-236-9208 or or

Best of luck, Vito

-- Vito Russo (, June 30, 2004.


I can get one of the top arabica in the world. This is a speciality coffee from Burundi. I propose roasted or green beans. Let me know the volume you need.



-- Steve Ndabambalire (, July 28, 2004.

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