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I have to do a presentation at nursing school over the mormon culture and what I need to know as a nurse to take care of this patient....I can't find the information I am looking for....there is so much....does anyone know a web site that would help?


-- Sophie Williams (, January 26, 2004


Greetings Sophie,

Realize that you will not find a step by step how to guide on careing for a specific culture group. As a nurse your responsibility is to aquire a cultural knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity . It's the ethnic traditions, customs, taboos and the often deep-rooted beliefs of a culture, that really can challenge a nurse in doing what he or she wants to do to help the patient. More important is to know when we are imposing our beliefs and culture on our patients, which becomes counterproductive. This link will get you started in your quest.

Good luck, and let us know if we can be of further help.


-- Victor F. (, February 03, 2004.

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