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Yo whats up Ya'll? Raleigh Trance dj looking for house parties to play. I have been up here for almost 2 years now and have found that there are no house parties, or i just dont know about them. I have been Mixing only trance for 3 years, and have played many clubs, "raves" and other events. I have many styles, HARD, PROGRESSIVE, EPIC, CLUB, DANCE, AND MANY MORE. I first started playing out at house parties, and loved the fun of mixing there, and want to have that again. I have played with a diverse list of talent and styles, i played with ODI, Annalyze, Phat Rabbit, The North Carolina Dance Music Confrence, and many others. IF you know of any house parties hit me up on AIM or E-Mail. I am willing to travel but not too far. My services are free, for house parties and 100 for club events. check out my home page for complete bio and credits. http://hometown.aol.com/djfelix3/

peace PLUR

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2004


hi..hows it goin....im responding to your post in regards to possibly grabbing you for a house party.....i live in Danville Va...its on the nc border...about 1 hour 15 min north...i have a very good friend that i has never actually been to a rave but loves trance escpecially..as do I...I have friends in Raleigh and Greensboro as well so you wouldn't have to go far...actually my friend in Raleigh has a very nice and accomidating house for such a party...anyways its my other friends 21st birthday and I wanna take him out on his bday but i wanna throw a party/rave for him and a bunch of my friends later in the week...i was hopin for the first or second week of March perhaps....anyways, hit me up if you could be avaialble as i am interested..Thanks

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2004

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