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I parted from my husband in Nov 1994 and I urged the Cheltenham & Gloucester to seek early possession, due to my ex running up arrears on the mortgage. They obtained a Possession Order and MJO in Aug 1995, gained possession in Feb 1996 and sold in June 1996 with a shortfall to themselves of 29000 and 18000 to the MIG insurers, C E Heath Ins Ltd. The C&G have relentlessly pursued me for their shortfall and I have had an offer accepted provided it is paid by 10 Feb 2004 and is only in settlement of the amount owed to the C&G ( their letter of acceptance suggested that I contact the insurers direct to negotiate settlement with them). I have as yet been unable to trace C E Heath Ins Ltd and can only assume that it is part of C E Heath Plc, can anyone help, also has anyone experience of this Company and its policy with regards to recovery of monies. I also would like to know if I am right in assuming that, as the C&G suggests that I contact the insurers direct, that the C&G has not acted on behalf of the insurers in pursuing the shortfall, if so then is it correct that this would mean that as over 6 years have passed without contact from the insurers that, given the CML Guidelines and the ABI position, that the insurers would not be able seek settlement.

I would be grateful for alladise as the deadline to pay the C&G is looming fast. Thanks in advance. Ann

-- patricia ann goulding (jdt850@hotmail.com), January 25, 2004


Try this link


-- David J. Button (davidjohnbutton@supanet.com), January 25, 2004.

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