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I just moved here to VA Beach from Charlotte,NC and I am looking for record shops and some clubs to go to.I love spinning in my spare time and would like to meet some locals that share the same passion for music.Shoot me an e-mail and let me know what goes on around here.See ya.

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2004


Klub ambush on friday nights spins a little bit of everything techno etc it's in va beach off of lynnhaven ... take lynnhaven south exit and hang first right at the bottom of the exit ramp... follow down about 1 mile? the club will be on your right behind a jr mart.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2004

I'm in the same boat. I will be moving to VA Beach soon, probably in a month or two. Trying to sell my house in CO Springs. I am definately intersted in meeting some friends who like techno. Where are some cool places to live? I'm really not into the suburbs. Would appreciate any response.


-- Anonymous, March 17, 2004

Hey... I used to live in Virginia... and frequented the Virginia Beach area.

- Ambush is a gay bar that has drag nights, and also a technoy raver night on Fridays called Vinyl. (VA Beach) - The Wave has a GREAT 80s club night on Thursdays (Norfolk) - The Wave has a goth night on Tuesdays (Norfolk) - Hartz has Techno Tuesdays (VA Beach) - Hartz has Metal Mondays (VA Beach) - Hartz has a goth/industrial/80s night on Fridays (VA Beach) - Jillians has a really cool goth night on Wednesdays (Norfolk)

That's all that I can think of off of the top of my head.

Then there's DC... but if you're not in the mood to travel....


-- Anonymous, July 15, 2004

Oh yeah... and there is a REALLY COOL record store in norfolk across the street from mac arthur center... called relative theory. You DEFINITELY need to check that out. There is also Camp Zama that is located in Norfolk. Uhm... and that's all I can think of now. Bye bye!


-- Anonymous, July 15, 2004

what's up peeps. dj oddisee here, yeah ambush is kind of cool. it's the only place that i have been to that plays techno, check it out this weekend. NIGEL RICHARDS-611 RECORDS. awesome dj. shoot me an e- mail. i'd be interested in meeting some people that enjoy the same music as i. peace

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2004

hartz on friday nights is okay i guess but the wave is still the best for a goth night but well i dunno i guess it depends on what style youre into...well thats about all i got to offer

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2004

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