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I was in Griffin, talking with Mr. Warren Frye the other day, and we were discussing old railroad lines around the area. He made mention of the old "Atl/ Ft. Valley" line that went through Zebulon. He told me that in the 70's (approximately), Johnny Cash was in a movie in Zebulon, Ga. as engineer on a steam locomotive on this old line. Does anyone else know anything about this?

- I sure would like to see it!

-- Elton (, January 24, 2004


You are thinking abou the video "Riding the Rails" from 1974. This is an excellent video. Johnny Cash was allowed to run the old 4501 in the video during an apparent steam excursion. I am sure this the is the video you are wondering about. It is still available through the publications that advertise in Trains magazine or search through the net.

He also board Amtrak's Floridian to ride in the dome car toward the end of the video. Rare footage and great stories.


-- doug (, February 01, 2004.

Thank you very much! I found this video on ebay, and have purchased it. It is kinda sad to watch, as the rails through Zebulon and Williamson are all torn up now, and Johnny Cash being dead. But it is really interesting, and is really entertaing to see how it looked 30 years ago.

-- Elton (, February 06, 2004.

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