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After fighting with the A+L for a long time,they have relutantly agreed to accept a figure of 5.000 in short settlement on an alleged debt of 37.000.I made this offer without predujice they were not happy at first and were trying to up the figure to 7.000,they eventually agreed after I stuck to my guns and said that was all they could possibly get out of me.However here comes the catch,they will not give me a full and final settlementletter and they stated that I would remain on the register at credit reference agencies(I was not aware that I was on it anyway. Any advice would be welcome, I will still persue my case through the natioanl press even if this is settled due to my prevoius alliance and leceister posting. Many Thanks David A

-- david armitage (, January 23, 2004


I forgot to add in my above posting they have also stated that they will not further persue for the remaining balance David A

-- david armitage (, January 23, 2004.

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