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Hi Folks!

I think it's not the first time that someone puts this question.

But nevertheless: What would you recommend concerning an exhaust system for the F4S (2003)? Any good or bad expierience with RG3 and the fitting Eprom? I'm looking for an exhaust system which sounds quite good (but not to loud!) and does not have any bad influence for the power (esp. the torque) of the bike.

Thanx for any information.


-- Speedy (dociur@yahoo.de), January 23, 2004


I think the RG3 is what you are looking for. Sounds good (but not too loud) and nice power gains. Be sure to get the WCT chip from motowheels instead of the MV RG3 chip though; better power gains!

-- ben (ben_kifle@yahoo.com), January 23, 2004.

...buy a 2004 R1 !!! and feel the real power !!! he he he

-- Cuervo (cuervomendoza@hotmail.com), January 23, 2004.

I have a F4S 1+1 and with eprom or without,open exhaust or without is the same thing !!! to slow !!!

-- cuervo (cuervomendoza@hotmail.com), January 23, 2004.

I have to agree. I just put the full RG3 on my EV03 with the WCT chip and I couldn't believe the improvement. It's a new bike and it sounds GREAT! Talk to Martin at MOTO Wheels about the chip. They are an awesome shop and Martin is very helpfull.

-- Scott Armstorng (scott.armstrong@volkel.spangdahlem.af.mil), January 23, 2004.

Hi Speedy,

try this: http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl? msg_id=00BavC

I think, he didnīt sell it yet, he is located near Bielefeld afair. Thats on the way to my girfriends parents, perhaps I can help you getting the pipes, if youre OK with him. I have his adress and phone number.

Regards Roland

-- Roland (rolf4s@yahoo.de), January 24, 2004.

Lovely here! :)

The idea with the new R1 is a good one. I first ordererd this bike, but than I saw the MV Agusta and changed the order. Power isn't enough to love a bike really. :)))

Rolf (?), the path doesn't run. Could you please check it?

I wonder how long this fucking winter will stay. Hope spring will come soon.

Take care Speedy

-- Speedy (dociur@yahoo.de), January 24, 2004.

Hi Speedy, Iīm Roland from Germany, whom you "know" from www.mofler.de :-))


If the path doesnt work, go back the posting until you find "Sold my RG 3 Pipes incl. eprom".

Regards Roland

-- Roland (rolf4s@yahoo.de), January 25, 2004.

Hi guys,

I'm italian but I live in here in Japan (don't ask why, answer might shock!) and here there is an exhaust maker called "Impressive Motocorse". www.motocorse.co.jp

Please try their set up (eprom + full exhaust system). You will be left with a gaping mouth... On my F4 it is awesome, and on my other bike (a 998R) it is even better than the full racing Termignoni with orignal F02 racing eprom set up.

Try it to believe it. Only down side... It is expensive. 450.000 Yen (plus transport I guess).


-- Tommaso (tommyleo@iol.in), January 25, 2004.

Hi Rolf-Roland,

I was sure about this. But why is your email-adress "Rolf" if your real name is Roland? :)


-- Speedy (dociur@yahoo.de), January 26, 2004.

Rol(and)F4S, understood? ;-)

Regards Roland

-- Roland (rolf4s@yahoo.de), January 26, 2004.

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